Monday, March 22, 2010

Just amuse yourself while you wait for me to return...

We have had a kind of rough few weeks.  We are all healthy and plodding along, and in the scheme of things its really not that rough.  But its kept me away from blogger, and also the computer in general.

As you can see from my previous post, and anyone who lives in Australia would know, we were hit with a major hail storm around 2 weeks ago.  Well it has taken the insurance co just over 2 weeks to finally give us the verdict and say that the car is not going to be repaired.  We kind of knew that already, but we have been borowing and begging for the past 2 weeks for a car, and now its going to be another 2 weeks before we see any money.  One thing I am greatful though is that we have the opportunity for insurance.

The Tuesday after, my computer died... no warning just died! 
again greatful that we have a friend who is good with computers and was able to save what was on it and change the hard drive, and we are hopefully updating to Windows 7.  Not to mention my parents had an old work computer that I was able to get my mits on.  It does take a whole kettle to boil before it boots up, but hey! its better than nothing!

Then the dentist on Friday... following in typical family tradition my kids have weak teeth.  No cordial in our house, no soft drink and lollies are for special occasions.  Make sure you brush your teeth when you go to bed and get out of bed... and still the 6.5yo in the house needs at least 2 fillings!  Possibly under general anaesthetic!

So I have spent the last few weeks working at every opportunity, trying to save for what is an expensive time for us. 

God has been really faithful to us though, providing in many ways.  I have the opportunity to work, and although I am tired, I have my health and a profession where I can work when ever I can.  My mother has lent us her car from time to time, limiting the moments where we need to hire a car.

But as for softie time, well its still sitting here...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wordless Weekend 7the March 2010

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Challenge- make a softie

Lets all dig deap inside of us and make ourselves a soft toy.

Now depending on how serious a softie maker you are, really is how much you might play with this toy!

I know for myself I have been meaning to make a Steiner Doll for over a year now!  I even took the kids to the shop and very kindly kind of got asked to leave (yes the kids were not behaving, or should I say they were behaving like kids! The staff were very lovely about it though)  Anyway, I have been meaning to make this doll for a long time now and I think for myself this is a prime time to do it! 

If you would like to sign up, there is no pressure to make yourself a Steiner doll.  There are very cute patterns out there for other softies, cute, simple, complex etc...  Melly and Me is a good Australian designer, there is also, Vintage Ric Rac, and ill add more when I get some links ;)

They will all have a hand sewing component to them, which I know is going to be my challenge this month as I hate hand sewing!   Check out you tube for some tutorials

anyway- arm yourself with some hobbyfill, a needle and thread and sign up now!