Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Christmas Crafty Adventures so far

Last year the end of the year snuck up on me and unfortunately I didn't get the chance to spoil the people who had done alot of 'work' for us.

People such as teachers, kinder teachers, and others who had helped us on the journey of 2009.  So this yea I have decided to spoil them!

 Many of the same people have been in our lives this year, so it made it alot easier.

I have made a journal with an embroidered cover and ribbon, as well as a key fob for those who have really helped alot this year.  The ribbons are Farbenmix, Spotlight and others from Crafty Mamas, Love Chirps embroidery from Huups, Flowers from JuJu.

For those who have given my children lifts from school, making it possible for me to work a little, and also given me a break from driving (with 2 kinder runs to different kinder and a school run it can be rather exhausting), the teacher/ assistant who is willing to have time for me at the drop of a hat.  The kinder workers that have spent more time on 'us' than I will ever know.  And of course then there are those who have just lent us support!
And then there is the swimming instructors, the person who smiled at me when I was feeling down, the work colleague who listened.

I might also buy some fresh cut soaps to go with some of these, as I am finding it hard to resist the need to share her art! (I just hope they are not thinking that I think they smell! Coz they don't!)

I must thank Sara (Willow and Moo) for showing me where to find the tools to make the key fobs.  And also for getting the ball rolling with the journal covers.  My sister also helped with her graphic design talent.


willow and moo said...

They look fabuluous!!!

Karen said...

What a great gift - are the fobs hard to make??
They are such a cute gift, and useful - which I like!