Monday, November 29, 2010

Time to show off your Crafty Christmas adventures!

Its the end of November (either I am yelling to try and convince myself that it is actually here, or that I am trying not to cry as the time has flown!)

And its time to show off your Christmas craftying.

I have almost finished mine, just gotta iron them and pop it all together. Please hold me to it that I have to have it done before it reaches December!


BusyBsewBiz said...

WOW I almost didn't make it this month, but Nov done!

Sally said...

Thanks for getting me thinking about Christmas Carolyn... I'm certainly further ahead than I would have been without your challenge!

Larissa said...

Yay - I did it - I promised to make something charming and non-commercial and non-plastic for my family, and I did it!! :)