Monday, October 31, 2011

So what do you do when you lose your sew-jo?

I knit!


 This is another Tikki design: Jane. Seamless, top down knit. Very easy to knit too!


 8ply by Cleckeaton Country, stitcks by Knit Picks 22" chest, 7yo length for my wee tall baby girl. 

IMG_9106 .

Ive called it my lollie Jane, as its so bright! Its the perfect little cardie for spring weather, on its own, over a dress, over a long sleeved top.


The only thing I would suggest that if you want to make one, if you have a pair of 30cm circular needles, use them, or gain a pair. I used magic loop on the sleeves and my tension was tight because of this, making it quite firm around my daughters arms. But really, that is a problem I can live with!