Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Life- getting active

As a mum of a few kids, I find it really hard to spend time on getting active. The time I spend sitting I could be doing crunches- but who really wants to do that?.  I do enjoy walking, but who wants to walk when you have 2 girls saying "mum im tired, im hungry, when are we going to the park".

I was inspired by a couple of friends  who have made it work for them.  They are getting out there and improving their health, one day at a time.

So I am giving it a go.

I am trying to find what works for me.

I don't want to spend money

I don't want to hurt myself either, or make myself sick (I don't cope with that).  I don't want to lack oxygen to my brain by being that puffed that i cant breathe.  But I also want to see results!

So what do I have at hand..
A skipping rope.
Wii fit
tracksuits pants and shorts

So I have been doing the Wii fit.  Just a little each day
This is my cheer squad. They love watching me play the games. and its not a massive workout but it does get me moving on days where I cant get outside.  It also does set a good example to them too.

I have also been walking. Just a little every few days where time allows. Such as before dinner when the man is home and can watch kids and dinner.

 My downfalls are chocolate and chips. And yes I am still eating them, but only 1 piece instead of .... or 3 chips when there is not much left so I dont eat the whole packet. Lets see how we go...