Thursday, November 10, 2011

Life- climbing stairs

Not far from me is a national park


And in that national park is a set of steps.

Its actually a tribute to the Kokoda track.

No doubt they are not as gruiling as what our grandfathers climbed in the 1940's.  But hey, it sure does work my legs!


All sorts of people climb these stairs.  People who need to lose weight, mothers with babies strapped to their backs, 80yo's from the local bush walking clubs, footy players, fitness enthusiasts... and us!

I have actually really enjoyed it.  The first time I did it, it took me over 20min.  And I didnt make it to the top. I got a stitch.  he next time I was more careful about when I ate, and set on up there. Now I am climbing them in about 14min. (mind you that is just the steps, not the hike to the steps)

I took my boys with me on this occasion.  They didnt even break out a sweat!  Mind you there was alot of sillyness on the way down, so took alot longer than I had hoped.

But we had fun anyway!