Sunday, December 4, 2011

Did November actually happen?

I seemed to have missed November...  I know that I did a blog post in there, but in my life November just has seemed to skip past me.

its been busy here in this wonderful household.

Doing what- I actually dont know.  I have done very little sewing (shock!)

I have spent some time at the dentist... I  know that!  My bank account knows that too!

Some time knitting- Acacia- very quick and easy knit.  In Bendigo Woolen Mills Spring Cotton.


taking kids to sport... cricket, swimming and karate

My biggest boy should be going up another grade soon- so proud of his efforts!

And now its December, and we are meant to be putting up the Christmas tree! 


Unknown said...

The spring cotton is lovely, isn't it. Especially that colour. I'm knitting up a Kina in exactly that right now.

JulieT said...

gorgeous top in a yummy colour November whizzed by here too

nicole said...

loving that knitted top! fantastic!