Wednesday, August 26, 2009

BOOK WEEK animal safari

My first book week as a school mum- note to self for next year... start prior to the day before!

Pretty proud of what I achieved! Even as it was the night before!

Even with a tail!

More importantly he LOVED it!!

Any comments on if I will learn from my disorganisation and start prior to the day before next year?

For those who wanna know-
I made normal tracksuit pants- only 2 pieces and hemmed and joined the faux fur prior to joining the centre seam.
The hoodie jumper is an Ottobre 1/2008 with 4 different colours of looped ribbons layered back on the hood. Did this at 2am this morning! (The fleece is brown not purple.)
Ears are felt sewn on. Pockets are made of the faux fur.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ravelry Blue Gushings swap

I don't think that my swapper visits my blog so I'm guessing its safe to put up what I have made and acquired for them

200g of 10ply hand dyed in blues.

blue buttons- sorry out of forus

some out of focus stitch markers

Grand Revival denim bag.

My little helper packing the bag- look at the concentration on her face!
I also have some crochet books that I picked up at the op shop, as well as some chocolate. I bought the chocolate about 4 weeks ago and it has needed to be replaced 2 times LOL! I was so good this week, and while I was wrapping the presents I turned my head for 1 second, and turned back to find the chocolate unwrapped and with teeth marks, and a little 18m old girl with a satisfied smile! So will have to pop down to the shops again to get some more, so the swap is delayed yet another day.
This swap was really fun! looking forward to the next one!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wordless Weekend

my little monkeys
More wordless weekend over with Little Munchkins

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

was out of action!

Sorry I have been out of Internet action.
When we signed up for another Internet plan, we had been only using about 3500GB so we signed up for the 4000GB plan (is that what its called - is it 4000GB or 4GB? I don't know but I hope you get the picture anyway). Well as per the fast pace of today society the web pages that I usually browse must have increased how much was on their page, as I keep using up my limit about 1 week prior to the next month. So things like blogs, photo buckets, shopping, anything that is picture heavy I cant load. So this month we have increased our limit so that we are not limited! Well we are limited but its now more than double what is was! So we should be ok!