Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Craft to do list.

Inspired by my little sister (well she is only about 2cm shorter and 2y4m younger) an official to do list. Complete with pics of the fabrics I have chosen. I wonder if this will actually work and keep me focused on the tasks ahead.
I may just post a few I think.
First of the bat is my nieces birthday pressie. As my sister has a blog I am not going to post any details about this, not to mention that I really don't know what I am doing yet...
Second is some Ottobre 1/2009 Heretta skirt. I saw the one that Sara did for her Moo, and felt it looked so ace I would follow suit. Hope to be using Patty Youngs Mezzanine. Not sure what order yet though.
Then there is Mod Kids Emma
I have bought some of My sister and Me range of fabric, that's quite old actually. Called Spring Fling. Its quite gelati looking, will be interesting to see if it turns out as I have imagined it will.
Then there is also the Jule tops, the peasant tops (that i tend to make then not wear) and the adult clothing that I have my sights set on.
And of course I cannot forget the boys. Hope to be making them more denim shorts with feature pockets, especially as Tyler has not taken the 'fire pants' jeans off since I made them (they are a tad tight now).
Oh yeah and cant forget another Koyoto. I have made one, which hasn't been blogged (long story) and found it quite enjoyable to make, so will defiantly be making another!
I think that's the problem with sewing, sometimes you can make something once, and you get tripped up on one thing, so you hesitate to make it again. Really I should look at these patterns and realise that a) 2nd time around is likely to be easier and b) the effort is worth it!
Anyway, that's my sewing in a nut shell!


becanne said...

I like the Mezzanine but love the spring fling.
WIP photos as you go please?

Kylie said...

Good luck with your todo list - looking forward to seeing the fabrics become something:)

And I was wondering a while back which one was the older sister:)