Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ottobre 1/2009 no 19

In Mezzaine. Love the colours, and so does the little princess (the only colour she knows I think is pink)
We had a struggle to get her to stand still, thus why no great action shots. Will get a real camera soon!
And it will get ironed.
Will defiantly be making more of these skirts. Just gotta refine how I do the pockets as attaching the ric rac was a little pita! And the pockets are crooked as well. I'm not changing it though as you cant tell when its being worn.
I also omitted the lace- although I bought 3 diff types of lace to see which one suited. I jut felt that it looked best without it.


Austysmum said...

Gorgeous! This one is on my to do list too but I love your version. The Mezzanine is perfect for it!