Monday, October 12, 2009

FAILSAFE does work!!

This is for people who think that taking artificial stuff out of the diet doesn't work- I have proof that it actually does!
Yes I know I sound a little cranky, but I am fed up with the rubbish that is commonly found in our foods, and the effects the authorities ignore!

We have 4 kids, I want to mainly talk about the behaviour of my middle daughter.

Over the school holidays I noticed that her speech was declining. She was no longer telling me to 'come and look', rather she would grizzle and drag my hand. Tantrums were thrown over the smallest of detail. The peak was last week of the holidays when for the whole week she refused to take herself to the toilet, I had to stand at the door and watch her go, which can be very difficult when I am still breastfeeding the youngest bub.  Even her FDC lady was suprised at how much her behaviour and attention span had changed.

Some of this you might think was normal behaviour, before the holidays this was not normal behaviour for my little girl at 3.5yo! And when it can be as simple as changing diet, I don't think it should be seen as normal.

Yes we were out of routine, yes we were in the school holidays... but another contributing factor I believe was diet!

(Don't worry, my kids do still throw tantrums, but they are usually age appropriate and about real things)

We went to a few birthday parties in play centres were we were not allowed to bring our own food. The kids were exposed to fairy bread and party pies and other foods that I would not normally let them eat- due to the additives in them.

So starting on the Monday back from holidays, which was a week ago, we were back into a normal routine, and also eating normal foods.

It took over a week for my darling to start talking to me again.

A week for the rubbish to get out of her system!

So for those who want to give this lifestyle a go, head over to Sue Dengates web site. And please give it a good 2-4 weeks before you make the judgment. These effects can take a few days to take place, and weeks to get rid of!
So we are back to artificial colour free sprinkles, smarties and Bakers delight bread. Back do block (not spreadable) Philly cheese on plain crakers, back to normal healthy diet.


Unknown said...

I totally agree that many problems can be fixed with a change in diet. I have witnessed behaviour change caused by food acid 330 (citric acid?) which is used as a flavour enhancer in most lollies.

willow and moo said...

Carolyn, I'm glad E's behaviour is calming down now. I do believe that many children are affected by artificial colours/flavours and additives. I know mine go bonkers when they had too many colours. And vegemite & tomato used to give Will a horrid rash around his mouth.

becanne said...

I agree with it too.
Gave Jack bottled apple juice the other day and he went from normal to space cadet in minutes!

Sodium benzoate is another baddie. It is banned in other countries but we still add it to heaps of things especially soft drink. It is linked to hyperactivity and aggressive behaviour. We put it in all our pre-mixed spirits drinks as a preservative. Epidemic of alcohol-fueled violence? Examine the rubbish mixed with the alcohol and you might find the reason!
Sorry to rant!

Kylie said...

I totally agree with you - we do it here as well - I dont go overboard with the fruits that they can and can't eat - but I do know that taking the colourings out has made a huge difference.