Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hair korkers or curly hair clips

Please forgive me for the photos- not only have we not got a camera yet, but blogger and facbook are not photo friendly at the moment for me. Blogger is loading some photos the wrong way, and facebook keeps crashing! When its back to normal ill try and reload the pictures. Till then feel free to stand on your head or your side to see the pictures the right way.

These are korkers - yup thats what they are called. I am only learning to make these, so they are not perfect, but I am wanting to make some room in my stash so they are up for grabs. They all are on alligator clips, with the side fully lined, but the bottom has no ribbon so that they are easy to get through kids hair. The top of the prong in lined with non slip to help prevent it slipping out of fine little girly hair (or boy hair if that your preference ) Each ribbon is treated to prevent freying, and secured to the clip.

there are more pics of the ribbons in the following blog posts.

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