Monday, October 12, 2009

week of slow cooking

Inspired by this blog  I decided that I would attempt to do a full week of crock pot cooking.  I bought myself a new slow cooker/ crock pot that takes up to 5l (a big one) and am on the move.  Of course a crock pot that holds 5l is used for more than 1 meal, so I may not get to cook 7 meals in this slow cooker this week, but at least 3. 

So tonights recipie was Beef Goulash.

I cheated and bought a packet mix (that was atificial free and MSG free) but this also looks like a good recipie.

It was actually quite yummy.  Tomorrow there is enough for another meal (as I used 1.5kg of meat)...  maybe goulash pies.


Kylie said...

Yum - looks great - I highly recommend coca cola beef - it is the best roast beef you will EVER eat.