Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fed Up!

Well on Tuesday night, I skipped work and went to a FailSafe seminar and it opened my eyes to the word of food additives and their intolerance in our kids. The results that have been found from kids going additive free was outstanding! Its only been in the past 20 years that food has had these nasty additives in them, and its only in the past 20 years that headbanging in toddlers is considered normal behaviour, the incidence of asthma has risen, incidence of IBS etc...

It says that even if we make most things ourselves there is still hidden additives! ie If we buy it there are 20 additives, if we make it there are 19!

Often also people don't make the link between the additive and the reaction as the reaction is often weeks later, and it can also be cumulative.

So next week we are planning to start the elimination diet. We will do this for a few weeks, then start to re- introduce other foods so that we can test what our kids triggers are.

I have the cook book and the book etc... so to absorb as much information as possible before we start. We are not going dairy and wheat free tho, I think that is too much work!

The things that I will be watching for is a) Mitchells concentration span. B) Tylers eczema C) Tylers sleeping habits. I think that will be enough for now tho.

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