Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Kids

Here is an insite to my life. I love my husband and am proud to be the mother of his children. There are four of them.

Mitchell is my oldest. He is 4.5years old (Sep 03) and a little cheeky monkey! His co-ordinatipon is amazing and we have high hopes for a budding sports star! I love him to bits.

Tyler is 3.5 years old (dec 04) and is a little cheeky monkey too. He is a climber, and his ablility to climb thigs astounds me!

Ellise is just turned 2 (April 06) and is our little strawberry shortcake- or Miss Muffet depending on the day! She is a little strawberry blonde princess who loves her babies as well as her cars and climing with her big brothers.

Lily is the baby of the family- only just born in Jan 08 (so 3 month old). She is a georgeous little copper top as well. She loves cuddles- and i love to cuddle her too. She is a great buba .