Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lilys dedication

Just a few pictures of Lily on the day that Allan and I had her dedicated.

The dress is made by my Grandmother- my fathers mother. She died about 14years before i was born, before my mum and dad had even met. My father and I figured that the dress was probably over 40 years old! She was obviously a very talented lady as the dress is lovely. Its made from my Aunties wedding dress, and I was dedicated in it, as were most of my cousins and cousins children as well. Ellise wore it too when she was dedicated.

I have not got any long distance pictures of Lily in the dress, just a few snap shots. The others are on my mothers camera and have not been loaded yet. These pics are taken with my Auntie, who was playing and getting lots of coos and smiles from Lily, she is a social butterfly :D


Tracy said...

She looks so happy :)