Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day

Mothers Day today. And although i am qualified to be spoilt! I also have a mother that I need to spoil. So yesterday my sister and myself stayed up to the wee hours of the morning making a bag for my mother and her sister (our auntie) who we love dearly. The fabric panel is quilters cotton frangipanies, mixed with a few other fabrics. The back is the same. The sides is green as is the base, and the base is also lined in polar fleece to give it a bit more structure. They both loved the bags, and they plan to use them regularly!

For my mothers day I was treated to breakfast in bed (after getting to bed at 2.30am it was needed!) with fresh garden flowers and a hot cup of tea! I was also given a lovely card from my husband and my kids! My husband had been looking for an analogue clock for our kitchen (that is what i wanted) but he left his wallet at home the day he went to get it- and he also had the 2 boys with him, who are not good at shopping! Thats fine though- I can chose my own clock :)