Monday, April 13, 2009

Eye Spy Sunday- Surprises

Well this is a poor effort on my behalf :( 2 weeks in and I'm already a day behind.

Sundays topic is SUPRISES! By Miss Muggins

It was Easter Sunday, the day that we chose to celebrate Christ resurrecting from the grave 3 days after He was crucified.

But as for eye spy Sunday and surprises, well I'm struggling. Everyone in my life is not good at keeping surprises. I usually get either directly what I have asked for or they show me prior to me receiving it.

2 of my 4 pregnancies (well 5 pregnancies if you inc the miscarriage I had the first time) were surprises. Tyler and Ellise were both 'surprises'. In some ways it was better this way as the decision whether or when to have more kids were taken out of our hands.

Mitchells gender was a surprise to us, although we were told that he had an issue with his kidney- which most of those with this issue were boys! The others were only a surprise to the ultrasound, and mothers instinct were right in all occasions anyway. I would have liked Lilys gender to remain a surprise but the will was weak when it came to the ultrasound. And we also found that she did not have kidney issues, where as both the boys did (Mitchell was the only one requiring surgery and Tylers was resolved by the time he was born)

Mitchell and Tylers date they were born were a surprise, especially Tyler who arrived boxing day 2.5w early!

Oh that's right, a few weeks ago my kids unpacked my shopping for me. It sure was a surprise when they put most of the items in the right spot!

What else, oh our honeymoon was a surprise. It was a gift from my in laws, and it was to Tasmania. I had mentioned about 2 weeks earlier that I thought that Tasmania was a nice honeymoon destination, and the tickets had already been booked by that stage, so that was a nice surprise to be heading off on the ship the day after your wedding.

So I guess I have had a few welcome surprises in my life, it was fun reflecting!

Next week stay tuned for what Badskirt has for eye spy


Cindy said...

I like all your suprises, Little people surprises are always the best. I am hopeless at keeping them too.