Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WWW: who dares to post a pic like this on the net!!

Well, as per usual I'm a typical mother of young kids, with no thought given to what I am wearing. But I am trying! For years my husband has wanted me to buy a matching tracksuit. he is reasonable enough to know that I wont get dressed u each day and tracksuits are comfortable. (the uni i went to was nicknamed the trackydack uni! as everyone wore trackies, might also have something to do with having sports management as one of the courses). Anyway, so after about 13years of nagging I bought myself a matching bonds trackie! And that is what I am wearing.

anyway- this is my best view:

ETA I should just clarify that my husband doesnt have a matching tracksuit to me, I was meaning matching set for me, not a couples matching set.


Anonymous said...

lol! I can so relate to this :) Except now I have to pick one of my girls from school everyday I at least have to find something half decent to change into at 10 to 3 every day :P Maybe if I had a matching trackie set then I could justify staying in it for the school run!

Kylie said...

LOL - when I first read it I thought matching set for you and hubby, until I saw the pic.

Well if you have to wear a tracksuit at least it is a nice one - I really should go and get myself one as well. I love a good tracksuit for around the house in winter.