Thursday, April 2, 2009

Permanent marker on LCD screen

My husband, like me, has not got many things of his own as most of it is taken over by little kids!
One thing we do have is an LCD TV. (we bought it while in Bendigo, it was going about $1000 cheaper than what it was normally)
Today I was writing an address on a plastic envelope with permanent marker and I didn't see
Ellise take off with the marker, and she drew on our TV (as well as a few other things).
There has been a few times in my life that has nearly made me faint with shock, this one was of them- the other notable one was when they painted the play room and carpet.

So I panicked and rang DH, who also was extremely annoyed.. but NO he doesn't want to mount the TV (**rant**) as the kids need to learn not to touch, and Ellise is the only one who touches it.

Anyway, did a google search and found the answer. Basically we trace over the permanent marker with a whiteboard marker and wipe off with microfiber cloth (gently)

It took a few goings over but its now gone *phew*