Monday, May 25, 2009

Boys Blue fire jeans

My boys have a pair of shorts that they wont take off, its about 15C here during the day (reached 20 today *woot*) and so true to daddy's genetic code, they don't feel the cold! But I cant let them run around in shorts in winter, so I made them some pants. Please excuse the pics, we still don't have a new camera so these were taken with my phone.

I used top stitching thread to top stitch the pockets and also the knee.

Back pockets were quilters cotton. Its blue and black.

These are both the pairs of pants together. I am quite happy with how they turned out. Although next time I will think twice about the top stitching thread as my machine doesn't really like it so it becomes messy really easily.

They are from Ottobre 1/2009


Tracy said...

They look great!

With the topstitching did you use a Metafil or embroidery needle in your machine? These have larger eyes and really sew these types of threads much better than a standard needle which will often shred the thread or give uneven stitches due to the eye not being large enough

willow and moo said...

Adding to what Tracy has said...I also have some topstitch needles kicking around for topstitch thread.

The effort was worth it though. They look great!!!

Cindy said...

I love the pockets, they look so good. Perfect pants, for perfect pant weather

Kylie said...

These pants rock I love them - And I think that I am coming to the conclusion that kids just dont feel the cold LOL!