Sunday, May 10, 2009

how to sew the crotch on pants

I have used white overlocking so that you can see it, if you use the overlocker please be sure to also stitch it as well, as the overlocking is not strong enough on such a high wear seam.

So you have 2 legs of the pants, already sewn at the side and middle seams.

Turn one leg the right way out

Slide the leg that's the right way out into the leg that is the wrong way out. So that the legs face right sides to right sides the front leg should be at the front and the back at the back, middle seam against the middle seam, side seam against side seam.

Pin it so that the seams match. the crotch seam matching the crotch seam etc...
I then sew from the crotch to the waist.

Say hello to the sock monkey that Tyler insisted on being in the pics!

Go back and sew the other side of the crotch.

So it comes out looking like this (hello monkey!)

Turn the legs the wrong way out and inspect your handy work.

Now turn it the right way out, and again inspect :D

Now go ahead and finish the waist band and around the ankles,

Hope this has helped, please lmk if there is anything that I need to change or improve. This is my first 'tutorial' so I am learning.

I have edited this to add that I have used the overlocker, I would suggest that if you do the same to use the sewing machine as well as it is a high stress seam.


trash said...

Oh! That makes so much sense. I made destructoBoy a pair of trousers yesterday and the crotch was kinda of just cobbled together - Hurrah i shall be able to make proper trousers from now on!

Aimée Turner said...

Thanks for that Carolyn! I struggle with the crotch everytime. I used a tutorial that made it seem that much harder.

Michelle said...

It was a real light bulb moment for me when I worked out how to sew the crotch seam on pants. Good to see the monkeys are still going strong.


flightlesspigeon said...



Unknown said...

The pictures make this so easy to understand! I am attempting this on a costume for Halloween and I'm sure it will work now!!

JC LUV said...

Thank You so much for this helpful hint. I will try it on my next project!!

Unknown said...

I was given a pair of 'bloomers' to sew last minute for a Christmas production... At the time I didn't even think about the crotch! I was handed a cut out front * back & some elastic... I googled 'sewing pants crotch' and yours sounded easy...
WOW! (as a teen I used to ask my sister to sew the pant crotches - she was - and still is - a better sewer than me!) But I think even she would love this easy sew technique!
Thank you so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for this really neat tutorial. I'm sewing my very first pair of pants (jeans) and i was a bit confused on the crotch part. You've eased my "stress" ;) level. Again thank you

trin said...

thank you so much! aim a novice and this photo sequence helped me finally understand what to do!!

Im trying to make a pair of yoga pants for my little one and Ive been intimidated by the DIY instructions!!!