Tuesday, May 5, 2009

updated my "sew much to do..."

I must admit, I get quite jealous of these sewers who manage to do it all. I really don't. I thought it was great today when I got to trace some patterns during the day. But I have found that the days where I plug my sewing machine in, is the day where dinner is rushed. So I am yet to be able to find the balance. I still want to be able to spend time with my kids before they grown up too quickly, I want to teach my little boy how to cook, as he enjoys it so much, and how to swing on his own. You know the drill... It has been approx 15y since I read my last book! I am so ashamed of that. But I guess you cant have everything with 4 kids ranging from 15m to 5yo.
So I am sitting here, ignoring my dirty floors as I really want to get these longies knitted. Its getting colder and I want Lily to get some wear out of them. I really need to cut out these jeans for the boys, might do that tomorrow night. Must admit much of my time is wasted browsing on here looking for wonderful fabrics to spend money on when my money tree fruits...

So if anyone has any wonderful ideas where I can craft, be a mum, wife and nurse, and maintain healthy relationships please lmk :D


Kylie said...

Oh - when you find the balance please let me know. I ignore the house most of the time - my excuse is I craft - LOL!

We have a slow cooker - and I love it as I can prepare dinner while the kids are watch playschool in the morning and then it cooks during the day. I do this about once a week. Also silverside is a great meal as it is throw in the pot and leave for a few hours.

I am getting lots of knitting done at the moment as I am able to be where the kids are. I currently have Miss A standing beside me telling me to take my hands away from the computer - so although I am getting crafting done - time on here is limited to night times at the moment

Lela said...

Hi Carolyn,
I too have 4 children (8,5,3 and 9 months) and I find it so hard as well. I buy more fabric and patterns than I could possibly have time to use. I have a long list of crafty to do's and there are so many out fit's that I would love to make my children, but I just don't have the time.

One thing I've found that works for me is to try and group my projects. For example I'll trace off a bunch of Otto patterns so I have them on hand. Then another week I'll do a mass cutting out. Then another week I'll have a sew fest. And withing the sew fest I group as well. So I'll do up all the shoulder seams, then I put it away, then I'll do all the side seams ect. I also find it helpful to work in a similar colour palette so I'm not re-threading my machines in different colours.

Sometimes this all works....then other weeks I just have a mass of unfinished projects. :) Thats when I just smile and breathe.

The slow cooker is great. Dinner all done before breakfast!

Good Luck,

Jo said...

It is so hard to find time for everything!

I am stealing the slowcooker and 'project grouping' ideas, they are great!!