Friday, May 8, 2009

the cutest cross country run!

That is watching 15 prepies run around the school grounds. It was so cute to watch! Mitchell got off to a bad start apparently, and so was coming last. All I could hear was the grade 6 kids yelling "go Mitchell" which made my heart flutter. All the school kids really love Mitchell. He is such a friendly kid, and he is also really cute! When i go to pick him up its not uncommon to find him with a ring of kids around him chatting. One day he tricked the grade 4 girls into thinking it was his birthday and they were all giving him cuddles all day!
I really love the school he goes to, all the kids are so friendly, the older kids really take care of the younger ones! The teachers are wonderful and the other parents are also really friendly!

Anyway, the cross country... he got a prickle in his shoe half way around and stopped, so we were all standing there waiting for him to finish. And then he came with 3 kids with him all cheering him on. Thank you to those kids who helped him finish! He is such a little champion!

I have more photos, but there are lots of other kids in them, and Im not sure if the parents are comfortable having their kids photos on my blog, so best keep them off.


Suzanne said...

Oh Carolyn he is such a sweetie ;) I can just imagine all the girls swooning over him :)