Monday, August 2, 2010

Comon people- challenge this month: hand embroidery/ smocking!

Quite honestly, smocking scares the bageebers out of me!  Not to mention that I have no real need to smock anything at the moment.  I think with all that work I would not have my children go near it!

But the whole idea is to be challenged!

So I am going to try the hand embroidery option.  I have a MILO vest that I have knitted last year- about 90% of it, so I am planning on hand embroidery that for my little one.  She is obsessed with pink, and the vest is a turquoise, so I best try and embroider something pink on it for her.

So sign up below, and show is your finished creation at the end of the month.


Larissa said...

Have no idea what to do for this one! But I love a challenge!

quilary said...

I am thinking of making a smocked hat. It's something I remember making when I was in primary school, using gingham, and picking up corners of different squares to make the smocked pattern. I really hope I get to complete this challenge. The other months are not quite finished (May) or missed completely (June & July).

Sally said...

Ahhh... using gingham is a great idea for the smocking especially as a beginner. It sounds good anyway - I wouldn't know having never smocked anything in my life... but here I go.
(I'm really really feeling nervous about this one)

Josh said...

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