Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ottobre 301.

Crafty Mamas forum has the occasional sew-a-long, where a few people commit to making a particular pattern.  This time it was the Ottobre 301.  Although I should be doing my embroidery challenge (I did attempt it for the record- but more on that later) I decided to try the 301.

It took about 15min to trace the pattern, and had I not messed up the neck it would have taken about 45min in total to sew together!

The result- very effective and happy. Size 98 for my 2.5yo.  I cant wait to get my 303 (the adult version) so that I can make myself one!

here are the brag pics (in the PJs).

ta daa

ta daa again

and for some reason blogger wants this sideways.

What I have learnt:

  • not to take a seam allowance on the neck or the binding.  Otherwise it wont fit over your toddlers head and you have to cut it off.

  • Binding is heaps easier to attach in the flat.

  • That after you cut off the neck binding, you have to attach the new binding in the round, and that is a pain!

  • that the top still looks good even if you cut it on the wrong grain. 

  • That this hilco fabric doesn't have alot of stretch on the wrong grain.

  • That I love Stella and hilco!
Maybe next time I should not cut it out in front of the warm open fire with my gorgeous kids running about...


Tas said...

Really cute Carolyn. And you learnt a lot making it lol. I actually bind in the round as I just can't get a nice finish at the join in the binding otherwise.

Karen said...

I must get some stretch sewing done! Do you know I still have leg and neck elastic to doon two leotards I made for your stretch challenge!!
THis looks great Carolyn.