Sunday, August 1, 2010

So can you buy fabric when....

your partner/ husband (or equivalent) is hanging around?

I'm not exactly sure why, I deserve to buy fabric, but I cannot go online crafty shopping while my husband is out of bed or hanging around.  He has to be either out or in bed. 

Its strange... its not like I don't need what I am buying.  I can explain and justify every purchase... and its not guilt that I am experiencing!  He even gets shown when I get the parcel!

What do you all think?

 Do I have a fabric/ yarn buying problem... don't answer that- the answer is of course NO! I don't!

Its a good thing he doesn't go into Spotlight with me, the place would go bust if he did!


Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

I have the same problem. I can run into the craft store for a quick item (i.e. matching thread, elastic), but I can take my time to find stuff with hubby. Now, my friend "K" is a totally different story. When out with her, I bring back way to much, LOL!

Marie said...

Yeah, I do know whaat you mean Carolyn. For me, I hate someone standing next to me looking at the computer (or waiting impatiently for me). It makes me really uncomfortable. I need to be alone to process my thoughts.

Tas said...

It's not so much ordering when he's lurking as he doesn't pay much attention to my computer activities. It's the delivery that I find uncomfortable when he's here :P

Kelly said...

I'm definitely a furtive shopper-i'm not sure why now I think of it, but I cannot buy fabric with him there! And he definitely knows what I buy so there's no sense.....maybe I just need to savour the rush all by myself :P