Saturday, July 31, 2010

Anyone know how to take a photo of an active 2yo?

Well in our case, it means that you let them take a turn of the camera. (under my supervision!)
my turn:

her turn:

my turn:

her turn:


my turn: yup we want the camera again!

These are also pics of the pleated skirt that I made for Lily.  It was rather east to do, the most painful part was ironing all the seam allowances inwards for the contrast fabric.  However this skirt is yet to be washed, and I am sure that it will need strict ironing to maintain the pleats!


Sally said...

The skirt is fabulous!!! Love the contrasting inverse materials - super sweet is that delightfully gorgeous daughter of yours! And what a photographic talent she is too. Bravo!

Kate said...

I love that you shared the spotlight with her, gorgeous! I'm super impressed with the pleats too.
Have a happy Sunday.

cherri said...

That's very cute Carolyn...have fun ironing the pleats - it shouldn't be too bad...

P.S) You look 16 years old! Honestly your avatar on Crafty Mamas always made me think of you as being really young and these photos have proved it!