Friday, July 9, 2010

what do you do when you go shoe shopping?

I went shoe shopping looking for a pair of boots.  I don't own any boots.

I came home with 4 pairs!

I couldn't choose.  I had a little man with me, and making a choice out of the 4 was harder than I expected. 

They were all on special.

And 3 of them will be returned.

Just a couple of pointers if you do the same... 1) make sure your husband is sitting when you tell him. 2) have his favourite meal prepared.  3) make sure you can return them with the receipt, and its not just a credit note.

Now I still have to chose!

Now edited to show off the actual boots!

now before you all say "they all look the same" well yes they sort of do....
The ones on the far left I have returned.  They were too high.
the 2nd pair are Colorado.
The 3rd are another Williams brand
The 4th are Portland.

I am tending to lean towards no 4, the other 2 are, well, after consulting 3 girlfriends they recon that no 2) is too chunky for my leg. 3) doesn't fit properly, and 4) does it!

I Love the Colorado ones, and am hoping to either a) let my DH keep both (whats the chances?!) or b) live through my sister and instead of pitching in towards the camera for her birthday give her these boots or c) get a refund and never think about it again.  I don't want to keep them on their own as they are more funky than most of my wardrobe.  I would love to be funky, but its not happinin!  Don't get me wrong, I'm not baggy and daggy, just not funky. 


Unknown said...

Well we can't help you if you don't take them out of the boxes! Are you going to let us have a look?

Unknown said...

Hmmm.... well if you give the Colorados to your sister, do you think she will let you borrow them? It sounds like you should get 4 and maybe(?) give the colorados to your sister for her birthday.

Miss Amy said...

I like 4... the colorados would look funny over jeans etc. if you wanted the wide look popping out from under your jeans it would be cool, but you can get "shoes" instead of "boots" for that...

Did I just make sense?

Cindy said...

I saw this post and those Colarado boots and fell in love - I am by no means funky - but I bought them the next day, how good was that sale and now they are my daily wear!