Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I need some motivation!

I have a good friend who recently went on a lifestyle change.  She is looking absolutely fab-u-lous!  She is even fitting into 'those' jeans!

After I had my kids, I lost a lot of the weight.  Some of this was just through the stress of being a mum, and some was the breastfeeding.

After my last child.... I discovered chocolate!

And I know why I eat it,  I eat it coz its mine, coz I enjoy it, coz its one thing in my day that is predictable.  It helps me relieve my stress of having 4 young and challenging children.  I can do it quickly, I can do it on my own.

But my problem is now, that I have not lost that weight.  I am not fitting into those jeans, and generally not looking nice in any clothing.

Maybe I am lacking something, someone once told me that they craved chocolate when they were anaemic, I don't think I am anaemic though.

I need to find something else to replace the chocolate! 

I don't need to lose a lot of weight, but enough that I want to fit into those jeans and generally be healthier.

Please I need some motivation!


Clarinda said...

Good luck! I just started calorie king (www.calorieking.com.au) becasue after 5months of slogging it at the gym I have not lost 1 kg :(

Gypsy said...

Oh I am the wrong person for this. I get withdrawl headaches if I don't have my daily dose of chocolate! Good luck.

Mel said...

I still enjoy my nightly double coated tim tam! I did have to work harder though after baby #3, I think he may have ruined my metabolism (or was it just that i was over 30 now? (lol)) .. Winter shivering has shed a few kg's in the last month though :P I have a very SKINNY friend, she eats an entire packet of tim tams and alike in a session .. Grrr to her metabolism! lol ... I'm of the motto "everything in moderation" now :) Good luck on your journey xox

Kira said...

My motivation is severely lacking during winter anyway. Hope you find yours!

Bec Clarke said...

I go through periods of sugar craving and I have found that the more you eat the more you want. Sorry to say, the only thing that worked for me was to go cold turkey on the sugar all together. You may get headaches at first and you may just want to cut down but sugar is the major contributor to weight gain as it is pure energy that you need to burn. It certainly worked for me. I haven't given it up all together, I still have the odd bikky but nothing like the cravings in the past.