Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Ive been tagged by Sara- from Willow and Moo, if you haven't seen her things before, head on over! Its an experience!

1. Which pattern/vintage style have you been thinking about lately?

Pinnis. Not sure what it is about them, but I think they look really cute on my girls.  I have just finished an Ottobre Pinni (which I will blog soon)  I have bought the Farbenmix Pinni, but have also just bought the farbenmix Roberta as well, which would look wonderful on my girls.  I tend to be a tad obsessed with these European patterns at the moment.  They are often quick, and have the ability to be dressed up with your own creativity!

2. What's the one place you want to visit that you've never been to before?

Oh where to start?  We love the snow, we would love to experience Canada.  But we are also very compassionate, so would love to go somewhere where we both use our skills (me a nurse him a tradie) to help.

3. How do you relax?

Not sure I know the meaning of that word... LOL!

I'm very social, so love being around people.

4. What is your favourite holiday.

Holidays, my favourite holidays are more about the people that we were with rather than the location.  Prior to kids we used to go camping a lot with friends, I have a lot of memories from those.  Then there is the European trip we did - which now seems almost like it never happened... then there is the family holidays.  When I say holidays they are more weekend escapes, but hey who is judging!

5. What is one sewing skill you want to learn/try out?

Quilting!  My sewing is not precise enough at the moment for quilting to be successful.  This is because I am so used to rushing things.

6. Can you knit/crochet? Other crafting talents?

I cannot crochet!
I can knit- sort of ;)
I have a tonne of scrap booking stuff that has not been touched in years.
Used to love card making.
Am I talented at any of these- I don't think so... but I do love them.

7. What garment/accessory do you wear the most?


8a. How much time do you spend reading blogs?

Like Sara- I tend to read them for about 30min- 1h. 

I really take to looking at photos!

8b. Your motto/mantra

"I redifined coping"


"what is coping"

Tagging other blogs...

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