Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Knitting Pattern NB beanie

This is a pattern my sister made, and gave me the pattern, and I needed somewhere to put it.  Its untested, so we shall see how we go,

on 3.75mm circ needles and 8ply yarn

  1. 1. Cast on 64 st using Long Tail cast on.
  2. Round 1 k6 p2
  3. repeat round 1 till 9cm
  4. k6 k2tog
  5. knit round 1
  6. k5 k2tog
  7. knit round 1
  8. k4 k2tog
  9. knit round 1
  10. k3 k2tog
  11. knit round 1
  12. k2 k2tog
  13. knit round 1
  14. k1 k2tog
  15. knit round 1
  16. k2tog
  17. cut length of yarn and pass through remaining stitches and pull together.
enjoy ;)


quilary said...

Just to let you know that I did try to knit this, but I couldn't wield those circular needles! ( I felt like I was sword fighting myself - and I won't go into how I unintentionally knitted the first 2 rows as if I had two separate needles...oops!).
The few rows I did knit, came up in a lovely rib and I am sure someone with better knitting skills will be a better tester.