Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some winter sewing...

Snuggly PJs!

Using the Scientific Seamstress easy fit shorts and pants, I whipped up a couple pairs of PJ pants for the boys.

This pattern is very very easy to put together.  The hardest part is the elastic! Oh and if you dont like hemming, just overlock the edge, they are only PJs afterall.

The front and the back shaping is the same.  I would not be using this pattern on my favourite fabric.  I think more shape would be better, but for Pjs this is perfect!  I have also made myself a pair, but want to use elastic for the waist instead of cased elastic iykwim.

And of course, when you take pictures of kids, the age doesnt matter- you have to make some sort of deal to make them stay still!

And I also made the girls a nightie.  Will try and make some more of these as they were super easy.

just a peasant top, extended to a dress. The girls love them!