Thursday, January 27, 2011

frills and frills and more frills- oh and dont forget the bias!

Its the little girls birthday coming up soon!  And of course she is frilly and pink.  So what should I do?

Feliz of course


Now we all know that a project this size cannot be completed without some sort of stuff up!  Such as ruffling 3.5mt of purple gingham instead of the pink!

And then of course you have to chose the colours of the bias to hem it with... white, pink, purple!  And of course  'they' don't sell powder pink bias anymore, making the colour choice that much more interesting... I turned to the white bias!

So it will be 5.5mt + 3.5mt (9mt) of ruffles plus 5.5mt + 3.5mt+ 3.5mt (12.5mt) of bias! that's not including the 3.5mt that I ruffled by accident!

Well its either the bias or I am making best friends with my rolled hem.  Not yet fully decided on that.


sorry OL- it will probably be the bias.

Lets hope I finish this soon, as I still have a chair bag and library bag to complete!


Karen said...

You are a brave woman going the bias binding! Have a go at the rolled hem - just follow the instructions in your manual - it's that simple - really.
(I use my manual to set it up every time I do it).

Kate said...

eeeeeee can't wait to see. All those ruffles are making my mouth water. Gorgeous stuff Carolyn.

Miss Amy said...

ahh all those ruffles... I love this dress and I cant wait to see it finished.

Have a go at the rolled hem, I love mine, was afraid to do it to start with but now Im a pro at it :)

Good Luck!