Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ottobre Sudoku skirt X2!

These were meant to be finished prior to Christmas, but playing a little of fabric chicken (as apposed to yarn yardage chicken which is when you are not totally sure if you have enough yarn for a project) anyway, I ran out of fabric for the ruffle on the bigger skirt.  So the project got out on the back burner untill I figured out what to do.

Not a good thing to do!  When I did finally get the fabric, I got all excited and started sewing it all together.  Put them on the girls, presented it to all my Crafty Mamas, and realised that each piece is meant to be a different height!  EEEKKKKK! 

Not sure if you can see it here or not, but this is the other one I made a couple of years ago.

thats ok though, its still a gorgeous skirt! Plenty of twirly action.

perfect to play Barbies in.
or just to carry your baby around in your Ergo

And coz I love it so much- a collage.

Ottobre 1/2009 Sudoku skirt.


Larissa said...


Amber said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You have inspired me! I have this issue. Yeah!!!

Unknown said...

Wow, they are fantastic!

Tracy said...

look fabulous!

Karen said...

These are gorgeous Carolyn - so fun adn colourful, and I love the twirl factor of course.