Saturday, January 8, 2011

Summer days: the beach!

We have been a little slack in taking the kids to the beach.  te idea of sand between the thighs, in the hair and up the nose has put me off.  But there comes a time where we need to put these things aside and just pack a could of towels, a few drink bottles (and about $50 for fish and chips) and head down to the coast!

It was Lilys first time at the beach too... it was like it was her 1000th!

Us adults did spend most the time splashing, putting hats back into heads, smothering sun screen, running after Ellise as she fearlessly waded into water and supervising the bigger boys jumping off the pier.

for this reason we dont have many photos, and I will say with much disappointment, I didn't bring my camera!  All these were taken on my phone.  In my defense, I didnt want to get sand in it!

It was the most glorious afternoon, very little wind, just warm enough for the beach, but not hot!  I am so glad that I put aside my bias and took the plunge!


Tas said...

Sand is my mortal enemy too. Prefer to take the kidlets to the pool but they get so much joy from the beach!

Nic said...

Wow, for a phone camera those are great photos! I know exactly what you mean - we also tend to put the beach in the "too hard" bucket...Luca has never been! The thought of sand and nappies is just too much... We really ought to though. It looks like you had a lovely day.

Karen said...

We love the beach - probably helps that my in-laws live on the coast though!
Glad you had a great day - it's so much fun and it wears them out so everyone sleeps well! Bonus!
Super-cute pic of Lily.