Wednesday, January 19, 2011

you know one of those days

when you feel like you are cleaning up constantly yet achieving nothing

when you just feel like the word NO is the only word that you know.

when the small child tugging on your arm makes you want to burst.
dont run in the house, dont jump on the couch, leave your sister alone, can you please flush the toilet!

im hungry, im thirsty, i want lollies, just seems never ending.

Am I the only one?


Miss Amy said...

I'm having one of those today too... To the point we were in coles and I heard myself saying "dont throw woody around in the fruit and veggies section"

Tracy said...

I don't just have one of those days..that seems to be my day a lot lately. (hugs) and I'll let you borrow my mantra don't waer it out I need it back ... "this too shall pass...(grit teeth, smile and repeat)

Larissa said...

You are most certainly not alone! Many are the times I've wanted to change my name from 'mummy', it's been so overused! Just take a look at the kiddies when they're asleep - guaranteed to give you an 'ah' moment! xx

Hannah said...

You are sooo not alone!
I think I've had a month (atleast!) of those days!
I like that.... "This too shall pass!"

btw your 4 are gorgeous little people

Karen said...

Nope you are definitely not alone!
There are days when I wonder if my kids will grow up thinking they have the grumpiest mum in the world.
But pictures like that first one in this post are what make it all worthwhile - that is super-cute!