Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Inspiring blog award!

Julie- anne has awarded me one of her 7 inspiring blog awards!

now I have to name 7 that inspire me! And this may suprise some of you!

1. Tracy- who has 7 kids and a suportive DH, and has also been a great ear when I needed!
2. Peta- who always seems to have the kids, craft balance done so well!
3. Kylie - who always seems to get so much done
4. Solomon Sewing, who has little kiddies, yet seems to balance it well with crafts!
5. Karen- who is as calm as ever even when others would be stressed!
6. Sara- whos only limited by her endless imagination-
7. my little sister who brings perspective!

There are tonnes more of course, some that probably should come before others.  But these7 people I sure do admire!

These are the recipients of my award If your on the list just copy and paste to your blog and list 7 recipients of your own!
For those wh


Kylie said...

Oh- thankyou - I think that this is my first reward ever - so excited - I will blog about it soon.

Unknown said...

Oh wow! I'm so flattered. Thank you!