Tuesday, January 19, 2010

yup- its my meme!

and I am yet to cut out my skirt....

Tonight!  I promise!

I just see that fabric sitting over there, and I feel kind of scared to bite into it!

Tonight there will be no WiiFit, there will be no cooking, and providing the little ones settle in their beds I WILL CUT OUT THIS SKIRT!!

Just a reminder for you all that next week we will start displaying our creations... so if you are like me and have not cut anything out... well you know what you need to do!

Also next Friday I will be drawing the winner of the blog giveaway too, so if you havnt entered, please feel free!


Unknown said...

I cut out my "something for me" today. Hopefully it works out okay.

Anonymous said...

I must hurry then... I have everything cut, just need to find the time to sew everything together....maybe tonight? Let's see.

Marie said...

Need to get those batteries charged up. And I need to finish my stuff