Tuesday, January 12, 2010

43C today!

It was 43C here yesterday, got to 32 overnight then back up into the high 30's today.  So you can imagine the kids when it started raining.

They were actually running around and dancing in the rain, they were so relieved to finally feel some cold!


Miss Amy said...

my kids were the same. yesterday they were laying on the ground under the cooler crying and screaming cos even that air was hot! as soon as the rain came today they were excited

Sugar Pop Cafe said...

We never got the water! Gosh it was an awful night last night hey. We have the same playgym as you. The kids love it :)

Gill - That British Woman said...

oh to be young........still snowing here and minus something or other!!

Gill in Canada

Mel said...

Isn't it surreal to think we've been sweltering and scorching for the last few days and then suddenly, its' cool and rainy today! ... Brrrr ... lol .. Mel xox