Friday, January 29, 2010

So the man at my door yelled PARCEL...

...  i didn't want to appear too ambitious, so I left him drive off, and then bolted to the door!

georgeous knit fabric for the girls.

Mamu designs Deborah and Sabrina

Farbenmix Valeska  Olivia  and Imke for the boys

Im looking forard to getting my 'teeth' stuck into these, only my sewing machine is still not repaired, and most repair shops are working fixing all the school sewing machines!

Thank you Lisa! (Crafty Mama owner)

back to knitting


Unknown said...

I love post!

Clarinda said...

There is nothing more exciting than hearing the delivery vans door open then shut. lol

Enjoy those patterns, I can't wait to see it all when you are done!!!

Unknown said...

how exciting. Now I am wondering why are they doing the school machines? Did the kids go back and get them jammed already?

Kylie said...

Yummy mail:)

I see the Feb challenge in there:)