Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thank you to the many people who have signed up for the January Challenge! There are about 50blogs to sort through now, looking at everyones craftyness!  Its still not too late to sign up!

I just wanted to do a minik post to whinge about how hard it is to chose somthing for myself.  There are so many new and free patterns out there.

there is THIS one by Made by Rae , Spring Ruffle Top.

There is wrap skirt similar to the one that I am making, but its free, and not the convenience of being done for you. or this one as well

There is the 6 gore skirt

or I could just wait till the "draft a pattern" challenge and make it then...


Sugar Pop Cafe said...

I can recommend the Spring Ruffle Top, I did that one for my challenge and it turned out great - in fact am going to make another ;)

Unknown said...

OK I finally decided today and got started. An Ottobre 10 gore skirt (pic on blog of pattern) .
I am a little nervous LOL.