Monday, January 25, 2010

January Challenge- time to show off your finished project!

At the time of writing there is 76 people participating!  What a fantastic effort of the blogging community!

So (sew) its time to show off your creations.

Feel free to add it to the flickr group, or post it on your blog. 

If you do add it to flickr, maybe add your blog addi to your comments so that we can stalk see what else you have been up to.

I am so excited to see what everyone has made.

Dont forget the challenge doesnt finish till the end of the week, so we still have time to wip up something if the rest of the time has excaped us (me included)

Now what we need to do is add another sign up.

If you have added your item to the flickr group and not your blog, please just put the user name as your name and the flickr group as your web address. 

If you have added your item to your blog, please put your preferred name and then the link to the blog post.

Feel free to blog about why you made this, what you learnt, challenges, frustrations, why its not completed, was it a challenge to have the space to think about yourself?

I believe that it is important for all of us to spend a little time spoiling ourselves. We often will go out of our way to make things for others and never have the time to enjoy our craft for us! This is why I chose this challenge for the 1st month. Christmas is often about family, making things for others, cooking for others and entertaining. Although this has its place, we also need a little space to think about no1, before we throw ourselves back into the year.

I hope you enjoyed making something for yourself!

Enjoy surfing!

PS I will draw the winner of the apron next Monday.


Louise said...

Thanks for this challenge, its really focused my mind to get stuff completed. It's also made me start a blog to record it all so now I feel comitted. Roll on February (no idea what I'll do in knit fabric!)

Melissa Antolovic said...

I've bloged my skirt and I'm already looking forward to February - I have an idea already
Thanks for the challenge

San @ Made in Hem said...

I've add 'something for me' to my blog when I finished it!
I even cheated a little and tried the knit for pyjama's for my daughter so I'm ready for the next challenge! I now know which stich to use! Yay!
On Flickr I'm nisayoza, I posted there too. ;o)
Warm hugs,

Mandy said...

Thanks for a great challenge, I did change my mind about what I was going to make :). I have blogged about it and I also put a pic up on flickr which is under the name madebymandy.

Sandra :) said...

Like Mandy, I changed my mind about what I was going to make, as the first purse pattern I tried didn't work out very well, lol. I ended up doing a small Runaround bag to use when I shop, and a bakery bag and matching zipper bag to use when I visit the nearby bakery :)

Dani said...

I was a little scared to sign up (in case failed LOL) but now that I have actually made something for little old me I feel quite proud. Thanks this was a great challenge!

Kez said...

Finished my items not 20 mins ago - tlak about racing the deadline lol, now onward and upward to the next 'challenge' of knit! Loving everyone else's creations too :D

Ezri47 said...

I just finished my project tonight also, it was a bit hectic over the holidays with the kids off school. Had a great time making something for me!

Looking forward to the next challenge too and seeing what everyone else has made