Sunday, October 10, 2010

10th Of Blogtoberfest

So I have finally finished a WIP for my little girls. A denim Ottobre dress with wooden buttons and ribbon. I really love the results, and so do the girls...

So Ellise, please smile!

Do you like your new dress *nodd*
well show it off to me:

Maybe if your sister is in on the photo you might both smile, come on and show mummy your new dress:

maybe some action shots may help

oh well- hope you all like it! 

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Kate said...

Gosh she looks like you!
I love the dress and the photos. Very cute.
Have a happy week this week Carolyn.

Unknown said...

It is great to get a WIP finished. The girls look gorgeous together, well done.

Sally said...

Super sweet dress and cute shots too!