Monday, October 11, 2010

11th of Blogtoberfest, is there enough room for both?

Monday is my kid free day.  When I say kid free, its often filled with appointments, shopping, phone calls, swimming lessons (for the 2 boys) so I don't actually remember the last time I crafted on it.

Anyway, my point in ponder today...

I am still not up to my normal self, which has meant a lot of sitting on a chair looking around me thinking.. what a mess!

On the floor next to me is cut up bits of paper from the kids craft, the floor desperately needs attention, clothes need washing, the table needs clearing, kids beds need to be stripped and changed, as does ours.  Need I go on... I think you get the picture.

I am not about to start pushing myself to clean, as I know that it will hurt... but I have started to do a little bit.  DH is outside mowing the lawn, clipping back trees (read fire proofing) raking, fixing the roof that was removed while we gained a new roof truss, he has been out there all day flat out!  He is excellent around the house, but I am not able to gain any more practical time from him, he is stretched already!

The job to maintain a house is a full time job... but I also want to craft.  I want to bring out my scrap booking that I haven't touched in about 6 years.  I want to sew my Farbenmix Langeness, I want to make my girls some summer pretties, I want to knit myself this vest!

I also know that my kids need me to read to them, to run around the backyard with them (not today as it will hurt, I might just sit on the deck and watch) and cut and paste, and play dough... just reflecting on my own childhood, my kids wont remember what their home looked like, but they will remember what time I spent with them.

this however brings me no comfort to how my house appears.

is it possible for a mother with 4 young kids (2 who require added attention) to have it all?