Saturday, October 2, 2010

2nd of Blogtoberfest: manual settings of my camera

So I am right at the beginning of my journey to become the world famous photographer- of my house anyway.  Went a visited a lovely Clair Bremner today who I thought was going to teach us the manual settings of a camera.

Source: Pobies productions- used with permission

It was actually went beyond just learning the manual settings on a camera.  We actually got to practice taking pictures of a gorgeous little 15m old girl - where it was difficult to take a bad picture!  And also a larger family of 5 kids. 

We had the opportunity to take photos of other kids other than my own without the expectation of being able to look at the photos or the pressure to take a valuable photo.  So we could stand there and get muddy knees, get up close and personal with the camera, ask Clair questions, and bounce ideas of each other.  All these things that I cant do from reading a web site and taking photos of my own children.

thank you Clair and Amanda.


Unknown said...

Now that would be a skill worth having. Being able to take a picture of more than one child at a time! Looks like you had fun.

Sally said...

Sounds awesome. Taking children is one of the trickiest things... they just keep moving all the time!!!

Marie said...

Sounds like an really cool experience.