Saturday, October 16, 2010

16th of Blogtoberfest: Langeness

With my sudden swollen tummy and painful belly button, I have been somewhat sluggish in getting back into sewing.

Well a few nights ago I cut out my Farbenmix Langeness .  Its a 3 panel (I think its 3, its 3 front and 3 at the back) a-line skirt.  Mine is just a denim skirt, but I really like it.  I changed it slightly to suit my painful bellybutton and ... well... I haven't taken it off!  I was going to do the hem panel but it would have looked a little cover-up-ish so I chose not to.  The waist I did a 35cm yoga waistband instead of a zip.  Next port of call I think ort to be to hassle jean brands to make their jeans with yoga waistband!  You might actually see me wearing jeans to school drop off if they made a pair of Lee jeans like this! (and not just maternity ones)


Natalie Hennekam said...

It's a beautiful skirt Carolyn - really flattering.
And I agree on the stretch waists ... so comfy!

Miss Amy said...

are you pregnant again? if yes, congrats :D

Carolyn said...

Amy, no, just still a little swallen after having my appendix out.