Monday, October 4, 2010

4th of Blogtoberfest- daylight savings, and a sign im getting older!

When I was younger I would cope with daylight savings just fine.  I would go to bed when I was tired and get up when I was needed.  Being a nurse you have no body clock.  Some days you start work at 7, others you start at 1 but finish at 9.30 at night (and then start again at 7) and then others you started at 9pm and finished at 7.30am! 

Now you would think that being a mother would have some sort of a similar effect on you, but I think I am beginning to realise, that although as a mother you are sleep deprived, but there is some vague routine in there.  And its more of a routine that I have ever had prior to kids.  I know that I get up about the same time each day, and even though I go to bed way too late, it is somewhat predictable.  It is unpredictable how many interruptions I will get overnight.. but they are gorgeous kids and I know that id rather this interruptions rather then waking at 2am wondering if they were home yet.

Anyway, my ramble is because I am finding as i get older I struggle more and more with this 1h difference in time that comes about in October.  I am looking at the clock at almost 1am rather than midnight.  I am waking at 8.30 instead of 7.30am.  thank goodness that school doesn't start till Wednesday otherwise we would have been very late!

I also found a grey hair!