Thursday, October 14, 2010

13th of Blogtoberfest- whats your genre?

Was having a d&m with my crafty buddy Sara about what sort of fabrics that we usually purchase.  What sort of fabric do we dive for when its on special?  What fabric do we line up in cues to get?  What fabric do we know we will like before we even lay eyes on it?

For Sara this is Euro fabrics.  She knows how to use it, how to make it work, and personally she does a really good job of it too!  She manages to put together fabrics that I would never have thought of.  And then the look is amazing!

Another blogger who sticks out is Kate.  Everything but the thread is exactly that, everything is made out of vintage sheets, table cloths etc..  When I walk into the op shop I don't see things tat go together or are suitable for clothing, yet Kate makes it work so well!  I am going to have to learn for this months challenge!

So on reflection what is my genre?  I tend to sew some Euro fabrics, quilters cotton, poly cotton, cotton knits, denims...  And after trawling through and through my blog attempting to find a theme I concluded that (next to not having a genre) that my genre is

wait for it

denim ;)

I don't even think that that is a genre LOL!

what do you think your genre is?

The pictures are of Lily learning that when you suck bubble mix through a straw the effect is not quite the same as blowing.


Unknown said...

Eclectic? I guess it depends who I'm making for. Maybe someone else can tell me? Do I even have a style?

Marie said...

All I can think of for me is solid colours. And Burda.