Saturday, October 23, 2010

23rd of Blogtoberfest: Plait the hair

I see it in the school car park- the mummies frantically doing their daughters hair trying to get the knots out, and I see it often with other mummies of little girls.

Those knots created by the back of the head rubbing on the pillow.

Now we have a solution here, if anyone wants to join in... teach the daddies how to plait!

While us mummies are running around at the gotta clean up dinner so I can go and craft rush, daddies can sit and plait hair

It saves the morning knots!

Either that or buy a satin pillowcase ;)


mummymadesigns said...

gorgeous shot ! and I agree on the plaits

Kate said...

How cute is that!
i love that he's so proud.
The man of my house can do a pony tail but he can't plait. Maybe it would be worth my while to teach him.

Unknown said...

Ah your post made me smile Carolyn, thanks I needed that :-)